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Deep water towing tank

View along the tank.

Located on the “Schleuseninsel“ the deep water towing tank can be found next to the “Tiergarten”, Berlin’s central park. As part of the former “Versuchsanstalt für Was­ser- und Schiffbau (VWS)” the tank was completed in 1903. It is 250m long and 8m wide. With a depth of 4.8m ships as well as submarines can be analysed in order to obtain their hydrodynamic characteristics. The towing carriage allows testing both, seagoing ships as well as light and fast boats, since maximum velocities of up to 12m/s are possible. Many years of experience with model testing in the facilities of the former VWS allow addressing new hydrodynamic issues at the chair of Dynamic of Maritime Systems (DMS). So which latest interrogation, you come up with, could be to investigate next, by performing model tests in the deep water towing tank?

Towing carriage

Propulsion test with modell of the Hannover Express.

The carriage was manufactured and installed in 1993 by the renowned company Kempf & Remmers. Modell velocities up to 12m/s are reached by accelerations of up to 1m/s² and measured with 1mm/s accuracy. Modular sets of measuring equipment give room to perform resistance, propulsion and open water propeller tests.

Preparing for the resistance test with the hull of the aXatlantic project in the trim tank of the deep water towing tank.

The measurement techniques can be used in all testing facilities that are supervised by DMS. Available propeller dynamometers are

  • Modell propeller-Dynamometer R33, R31, R25, R69 (Kempf & Remmers) for modell propulsion,
  • Open water dynamometer H29 (Kempf & Remmers).

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