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Circulation and cavitation tunnel UT2

UT2, before maintenance.
UT2, before maintenance.

The circulation and cavitation tunnel UT2 is one of largest of its kind. As a distinctive building, located on the “Schleuseninsel”, the tunnel is currently maintained on building and technical side. Within upcoming month research at the UT2 will resume. At basement two ship diesel engines, each delivering 2MW, drive a pump with controllable pitch blades (CPP), such that 3300 tons of water can be accelerated to up to 9m/s within the measurement section.

Closing the 5m wide and 11m long topside of the tube along the measurement section, allows lowering the pressure to a minimum of 25mbar. Therefore, model tests at equal cavitation numbers can be conducted. Such a test setup enables research on wake fields and propellers working in behind condition with shortened foreship models. Moreover, long observation periods on this circulation tunnel can be used to determine and record occurring phenomena of cavitation. Since the measurement section comes with a free surface, developing wave patterns of models, with a length up to 8m, can always be considered.

UT2, geöffnete Messstrecke.
UT2, open measurement section.

Velocities within the test section can be varied by either controlling the CPP’s pitch or moving the floor. Besides re­search on pheno­me­na in shallow water between 1 and 3m the movable floor allows velocities be­tween 4 and 9m/s within the test section. Additionally to basic hydrodynamic model testing on ships, there propulsion and manoeuvring units  or performance of tidal turbines, the permanently installed Planar-Motion-Mechanism (PMM) allows assessing manoeuvring characteristic of all types of vessels.


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